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released April 5, 2015


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Will Orchard Rhode Island


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Track Name: Parachuting
you fell right into a maze
it only just started to rain
said the sparrow to the hen
and who's that parachuting jumper?
coming right over the bend

its another smoking song
it can only take so long

i can see grey dust coming from their chimneys
and water is falling from the clouds more often
i can see it all the way downstream
strong men taking my branches down

its another smoking song
it can only take so long
Track Name: Lavender
sickly, sickly fingertips
they are brambled and my feet are gently combing it
lavender lights, and stray pups wandering
wandering through smiling grassy moors, and sleeping moors

lavender lights are carving out shadows of
the steep, sharp winds of dawn
and wind chimes crackling on themselves
burning candles are your dictionary
and her picture of a town with luminary

black bird perched on a wall of stone
that i did not see until i was all alone
but there were other shapes hidden in the window frames
they told a tale of old smells and forgotten pains
forgotten pains
forgotten pains
old smells and forgotten pains

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