Spirit Ming

by littleboybigheadonbike

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Sam Bonney
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Sam Bonney Killer lyrics that hover between touching clarity and Jeff Mangum like obscurity. Crazy catchy melodies. Super guitar playing. Arrangements are often simple but never boring. Whole album has a very unified sound but manages to switch things up enough to be interesting -- small spot is a great slow-burner in contrast to some of the shorter 'pop' songs. Isabel's vocals sound awesome too. I can't wait to hear what's next.

<3 I love you Will <3 Favorite track: Clean Imagination.


All songs written, recorded, mixed by Will Orchard at home in Rhode Island.

Isabelle Rea - Additional vocals on tracks 2, 5, 6, and 8.


released June 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Will Orchard Rhode Island


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Track Name: Sweet Old World
im not afraid of you
cause i know youll make me feel alright
and i hope you arent afraid of me too

i know that i could travel
long distances with you by my side
and i hope youll come along for the ride

im not afraid of the wind
it keeps me cool throughout the night
and I hope it doesnt mind my company

oh look at the world
its got so many twists and turns
and i hope this sweet old world doesnt burn
Track Name: The Old Cricket
i know something im not supposed to
i went and picked you quite a flower
storms and oil coming easy
but i promise im not lazy

you got wrinkled in an hour
ripping away all of your power
swimming pool full of blue stuff
lady bug thought things would get rough

oh creature in the sand
i sat and begged you to take my hand
run away from twirly twister
swept away before i kissed her

so you swam round in the dump truck
and they dropped you at the pot luck
the old cricket just decided
you had never really been invited
Track Name: Simple World
im not afraid to live in a simple world
where the rain falls and it doesnt really matter
i was looking for a single single world
one that glistened like the rainbow puddle i swallowed

(i think that i could fuck everything that i said about love
i have no idea what im doing)

the old stubborn man only causes problems
and i think i wana let him hammer the air
he wont realize and he wont quite care
he forgot what it means to feel resistance a while ago



im not afraid to cloud my mind
and simplify this old mess that ive jumbled inside
i wana see things with my broken mouth and eyes
i can taste what it feels to understand when i go away
Track Name: Lover Boy
im a lover boy
walking out the room alone again
walking out the room alone again
with my cold hands in my pockets

and i feel like a toy
breathing quiet from the spout on my back
slowly building up heart attacks
ill just stand here a while

(lover boy
driving to the fair in the rain
you can be the god damn same)

im a lover boy
rolling in the mud all day
rolling in the mud all day
with my legs tied together

and it aint your joy
when im covered up in brown head to toe
i ask you where the hell i should go
maybe to your side

(lover boy
you should be so ashamed
pushing me around with your games)

im ashamed
im ashamed
im ashamed
im ashamed
Track Name: Clean Imagination
youve got the cleanest imagination that ive ever seen
doesnt show you anything you dont wana be
and when the ghouls inside this fragile cage
i can only hope that they wont haunt you babe

youve got a clean imagination and i wish i had one too
maybe you can show me how to be like you
im so goddamn scared of everything that comes my way
if i had a clean imagination then i could say

Track Name: Small Spot
my shoulder blades are rubbing against the tile floor
i couldnt tell you where i really am
are you ok?
are you ok?
i am hearing over and over again
i couldnt tell you if the crashing was in my head or not

(i know its goana be there for a while
i know its goana be there for a while)

i see you rubbing and it makes the heat flood in
and it brings something else along with it
locked in a nasty chest
in the morning it was still nighttime
for a while

Track Name: I Sure Do Hope We Get Along
i sure do hope we get along
that would make me smile :)
i know my right is your wrong
i know im not your style

(can we can we can we can we
can we can we can we can we) !!!

so i wrote this simple song
to make this request of you
i sure do hope we get along
i wouldnt be so blue

Track Name: When I Open My Eyes
(stars only have to align
and i go away for a while
i only wana see your smile glow
in the morning when i open my eyes)

the green glow was crackling through the dust
winter left a burn, winter left a burn
the chirping made my eyes tear up
they always come back, they always come back
branches were falling all around
i was so afraid, i was so afraid
i would hide away behind locks
i always come back i always come back

in the morning when i open my eyes
Track Name: Halfway Up Into Heaven
i was halfway up into heaven
when i saw your smile in the sky
i forgot how the zoo erupted
from the wilds in your eyes

(whenever i try to get mad
i can only get sad)x2

i wish this song had loud guitars
and a drum solo too
you asked what the heck i was singing about
and i told you it was true

(whenever i fly the painbird
it is just a lame bird)x2

i was halfway up into heaven
when you pulled me by the foot
my eyes had hardly caught a glimpse of something really good

flying past the moon
through the sky
quickly spiraling down
i thought about your smile in the green hills
when i finally hit the ground
Track Name: No Idea
this is the only time
i will tell you have no idea
what you are talking about
you were shouting at me
when your backwards heart caved in on itself
and i wasnt around

(to see the filth coming out of your eyes)x2

lying on the floor across the room
i am shielding my eyes
cause i dont wana shout
"how could you not understand
why im not kicking everything down
in my line of sight?"

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