Many Letters to my Dead Friends

by littleboybigheadonbike



All songs written, recorded, and produced by Will Orchard.


released January 10, 2015


all rights reserved



Will Orchard Rhode Island


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Track Name: The World is Blurry (Swan Lake)
The world is fast moving
The world is a film maker
Cutting you out of its movie
Like the low frequencies on a sand shaker

The world is blurry
But we were never in a hurry
Cut a slice out of the sun
It stays in one place and welcomes everyone

If you touch a poison berry
You’ll feel no pain but rather feel merry
There is space in front of that swan
Thinking space and a bridge of cold guns
Swan Lake will soon be gone
Thrown sloppily away by the sun

Muddy tracks are no indicator
That I will be in the woods much later
Grassy shores are in my mind
A train moving through the warm windy tides
Steaming everything that is in sight
moving on through the day and even the night
Track Name: Track 1 (Track 9)
my mind is clear
because is all has gone to waste
i walked down to the colored lights
to illuminate my old face
Track Name: You Aren't Dead
i watched you slowly drift in the sky
towards fire mountain, all your skin will melt and cry
and your burning nature will sink into my head
you are alive, you are not dead

i will lock you into a comatose stasis
if that keeps fire mountain away from real faces
tornado sucker is a friend of mine
you are not dead you are alive

i will cut the outer layers out of my stubborn head
i will throw away all hope of a permanent bed
they will trash and hurt each other, because thats what everyone does instead
you are alive, you are not dead
Track Name: You Are Not Dead! (Mvt. 1 & 2)
i am going to the parade
to find brown hair by the pond of my shame
and blinking trees by the street
i make so much shitty art beneath your cold feet

are you afraid of rusty shapes
why are you afraid
why are you afraid

im a rusty calming freezer
locking you in icy tree knots
with a battery in flames
lying on the seesaw

are you afraid of rusty shapes
why are you afraid
you are not dead
you are not dead
you are not dead
your brain is shit
you are dead
they all fuck you
you are dead
Track Name: I Am Your Friend, Always You Know
i will walk to your house anytime
i dream of burying myself in my mind when im alone,
to remain in two places at all times

like your whistling mother calling you home
i am a dog begging for its bone
i am your friend, always you know

i will speak to a river that knows all the answers
i will walk through the woods with a twinkling dancer
i will slam my fist to the wall until it is over
cause you wont stop acting like a perishable party goer

we sat by the river with a torn up raft
i thought about it in the wonderful warm draft of my undergroud
i slam down the telephone because i fucking hate it
and i am aware of all your marvelous magical cages

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