I miss that boy with shaggy hair // one of these fine days

by littleboybigheadonbike

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written & recorded on a three track by william orchard at home in rhode island

love you all


released June 22, 2017


all rights reserved



Will Orchard Rhode Island


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Track Name: I miss that boy with shaggy hair
i miss that boy with shaggy hair
he laughed so loud but no one cared
his hands were small and heart bright red
he fell so fast asleep in bed

i miss those hideouts in brown leaves
two ripe red faces giggling
until it rained and we ran home
beneath our blankets, eyes shut closed

i miss those stars that glow bright green
up on my ceiling as i sleep
and in the morning owen ran
up to my room and i laughed at him

i miss that queen who came along
deep in my mind when she was gone
shrouded in lustless haze, so sweet
her innocent touch would tickle me

i miss that orange moon up high
pumpkin seed planted in the sky
and when it rained down candy corn
so deep in autumn, i was born

i miss her pale white skin beneath
orange and white, the wool was clean
riding our bikes all over town
through the cold woodlands and we drowned

deep in the light of each other's eyes
i loved her sweetly like a child
but that's when i laughed without a care
i miss that boy with shaggy hair
Track Name: one of these fine days
one of these days i'll find the sunlight in this cave
trapped inside a little box, it's calling out my name
i'll jump inside head fist and land in a field somewhere
and lay down with you in daffodils without a care

one of these fine days, you'll put a bullet in my brain
it will be a seed for watering as i lay fast asleep
i'll wake up with the smell of your hair deep in my lungs
oh baby, one of these fine days

so for now i'll wait in my bed, so very sick
until you come and tell me that i can be a kid
waiting on some tears to come and flood my empty eyes
cause they're more dry than a canyon in the middle of july

one of these fine days, I'll put a bullet in my brain
and the last thing that I'll ever know is the gentle way you said my name
cause this house is getting dustier, and the gears don't work the same
oh baby, one of these fine days

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