Flaming Pillars of Psycholiberation

by littleboybigheadonbike



All words and music by will orchard. Produced by will orchard.


released February 8, 2015


all rights reserved



Will Orchard Rhode Island


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Track Name: Strange Pressure
theres a ravaged path leading that way
theres a stretched village all around
thered a strange pressure in my head
and it's bringing me down

i asked around with the locals
an old woman approached and said,
"my dear,
if you're looking for darkness, go into the woods, because its always twilight here"

so i walked along to the tower
noone to greet me as i watched
thats when the ravens started saying
"the forest is the only thing youve got"

the wild colors started slashing
from savage light blue to pitch black
when i saw the depth before me,
i saw there was no going back

at first it was rather silent
at first, it was rather dull,
then i heard a faint whistling
it sounded like this, i recall

then i heard that old woman
her voice like a dry fiery flame
but when i turned around in shock
there was nobody there

then everything started growing
and i saw the creature from my dream
it was large and round and had blue fur
antennae sinking into the trees

when i finally reached the middle
after following a white glowing deer
i saw a colored glowing tree
it was the only thing that was near

if you wander into the twilight
into the woods or into the ground
if there's a strange pressure in your head
there will be only one sound

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