A Swim Beyond The Bridge

by littleboybigheadonbike



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All songs written, recorded, and produced by Will Orchard.


released August 2, 2015


all rights reserved



Will Orchard Rhode Island


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Track Name: Crickets In The Park
I fell asleep when the snow came down
i thought everyone would remain underneath the ground
close to the core
close to the warmth
packed tightly, and safe from harm

my dreams were of the big grey clouds
i dreamed they sank down to the ground
and covered the world in their mist
and gave life with their soft grey kiss

i woke up just to see
that there was nobody around me
underground, or in the sky
my dreams would never lie

i woke up to find crickets in the park
Track Name: Just A Swim Beyond The Bridge
just a swim in the nighttime
i followed the light right into the lightline
the cool water made me shiver
remembering your words made me quiver
so i went under the bridge under the blue moon

just like i went into a pipe
i couldnt see the trees that were behind me
it blinded me
i thought that nothing could confine me
nothing could confine me

i swear the streetlamps lit them up
now im just a lost pup
and somewhere out there is a pack of dogs
and a mountain, and a forest of untouched logs
Track Name: Two White Lamp Posts
the air is moving, its propelling me towards the light
and though i feel that i am being chased
the wind also brings a story from across the bridge
almost no one is wondering where ill be today
in a place that isnt curiously strange but curiously cruel

but i forget myself, im running from a pack of dogs
i cannot find the exit, i know it wont be long
until i stumble, and they rain down on me
this is a prison of empty woods and gnashing teeth

but hey there
what can this be
i was lost in a sea of hungry teeth
now there's two white lamp posts, they seem to be throbbing
the white light is calming
its cleaning my memory
of that terrible feeling
when im lost in a crowd and stealing despair from their hollow minds
but now its all clouded
i think im asleep

i think im asleep
Track Name: The Switch Is Jammed/I Think She Is Whispering In My Ears
please sleep
please sleep
ill leave you for the dogs
please join me

your family
your family
they are trees
but youre a windblown leaf

please sleep
please sleep
ill leave you for the dogs
please join me

i cant
i cant
i cant
i cant
Track Name: Was That A Stranger?
was that a stranger last night i saw in the lamplight?
in the empty woods
i heard a soft voice in each of my ears
but i cant recall what it said

was that a stranger?

i wasnt angry last night when i swam under the bridge
i was just curious
curious about the strange tall mountain behind me, i stared from the top of the ridge
now i better be going home, they will be wondering where ive been the last day
there will be many questions, but all i can think of is it wasnt that strange

it wasnt that strange

now its morning, and the light's out
the howling in my head has died down

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